Name: Megan Star Age: 22  From: Los Angeles, California

We met Megan a few weeks ago in a bar where she approached two of us and asked if we were "the guys from the internet"? We are kind of shocked because we never expected to hear that from a girl just coming up to us in public. Her boyfriend was really into the website and so she ended up seeing it herself a few times and got really curous about the creampie subject. We told her that she should be on the site, and she blushed and laughed and told us she had to get back to her friends, but we left her with our email information and told her to just get in touch with us anytime and find out more. She emailed us and asked if normal girls could ever be on the website, as she was excited at the prospect of being on the site for her boyfriend. We immediately told her we would love to oblige her desire and invited her to come and give it a try, that she would be a natural. She admitted that she loves the idea of being a slut on camera and things went better than anybody could have imagined. Megan loves to fuck and the idea of doing two guys on camera and getting cum in her from both with a huge turn-on. She said she would love to come back any time we would have her and we hope we do have a chance to shoot her again soon.


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