Name: Andrea Kelly Age: 20   From: East Los Angeles, California

Andrea emailed us telling us she was working on a research project for a class at school on Sociology. She said she was doing a study of adult-related websites to see what subjects seem to be most popular. She told us she found lots of websites about the creampie fetish and that ours appeared to be local so she wanted to interview us. We talked to her by phone a couple of times to help her with her school project. We then invited her to come and visit us directly so she can get a better "feel" for what we do and why we are so into this fetish. We took her by surprise and offered to have her do a shoot for us on the spur of the moment, as we discovered how cute she was when she showed up. Surprisingly, she pretty much immediately agreed to try it out. She is a very cute and young looking latina girl who admitted that in her research, she started to fantasize about what it would be like to be a "porn star." She seemed to enjoy her first on camera sex adventure very much and we started to question whether she was really doing a research project for school or if she just used that as an excuse to get a chance to be on camera with us. We may never really know, since she never told us what school she goes to. We're just happy that she happened to contact us in the first place.


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