Name: Cali Winters    Age: 19   From: California

Cali is a girl I met about a month ago or so after recruiting her for my solo masturbation site ( She was a bit nervous about having sex on camera, but she was ok with getting off on video so I initiated her with that video on my site. And after that, I ended up doing her off camera but still not only did she not want to be on video but she made me put a condom on. But after being in touch with me for a while and meeting some of the girls I've done for my creampie site, she started to get comfortable and she decided not only to go bareback but to do it all the way by being in her first threesome ever as well. She told me she had always been on the conservative side so she wanted to do something that was the opposite of her. Also, another interesting fact is that before meeting me she had only gone bareback with one guy in her life and had received just a few creampies which she really likes. So she asked me to be on this particular site.

She came by just today actually (the day I wrote this) and we first fucked off camera before my friends came by. And after cumming in her first, we went out and got something to eat first. Anyway, my buddies came by all excited after hearing her story and after doing a few pictures, the guys fucked her while I shot the video and the pictures. And in the end each of the guys came inside her near virginal pussy and made this event an unforgettable memory for Cali. This was pretty much her "cumming out" party, so who knows what she will do in the future. I for one plan to keep on fucking her :)


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