Name: Chloe   Age: 18   From: Los Angeles, California test

Chloe is a girl a friend of my friend found online on a popular social networking site and he started talking to her about being an adult star. He told her he could get her exposure and what not, so he met up with her and ended up fucking her. He then brought Chloe to meet my friend and they did this video just couple of days ago at his house.

Chloe is very slutty and she usually let's anyone she likes to creampie her. So she came to the place and was really excited about taking pictures and getting fucked. And once the pics were done, the guys started to fuck her. On camera you can see couple of the guys fucking her but another third guy (the one holding the camera) fucked her too. And in the end she got half a dozen cumshots inside that fertile 18 yo pussy of her.

Too bad I wasn't around (I had my own girl to creampie) but maybe next time I'll get to fuck her.


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