Name: Claudia Valentine   Age: late 20s  From: California

Claudia is a stripper we met at one of the local strip clubs that we go scout for girls for our sites. She was featuring that night and she had everybody going crazy because she was the most slutty of all the girls. After featuring, we got some 1 on 1 time with her and we told her about the possibility of her being on one of the sites. And she got most interested in the creampie site. She said she was allergic to condoms and that she just loved it when guys came inside her and kept on fucking her. So we knew we had a winner when she said that.

We kept in touch and after talking on the phone a few times and giving her a lifetime membership to creampie squad, she decided to cum join us for an evening of fun. She had never been with two guys at the same time before either, so this was a double bonus for her. So after the few pictures we took, we got down and started fucking Claudia's wet and tight pussy. She was so tight that my friend lost it in the first few minutes of fucking her and ended up cumming inside her. We then kept on fucking her until we dropped couple of loads each insider her cunt. She was thankful and excited in the end and she said she wanted to do more guys next time, so we'll see.


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