Name: Holly Age: 23 From: Burbank, California

Holly used to work at the hotel that we sometimes shoot at. She worked there last summer for about 3 months and used to be at the front desk sometimes and other times was doing some odd jobs around the hotel like cleaning the pool. It turns out she is the owner's daughter who had just graduated high school last summer. We always flirted with her because she is Soooo cute. We never told her what we were doing in the rooms until close to the end of her summer gig. She happened to be passing by the room and saw us bringing some stuff in and she said "When can I join the party?". We got to talking and finally admitted what we do, and to our surprise, she was not shocked at all but instead was really curious and bright-eyed. We were afraid she might tell her father, but she said she would never reveal our secret and said she thought that the girls were pretty open-minded who do "that kind of stuff." We jokingly said to her that she should try "that kind of stuff" sometime and handed her our card. That was the last time we saw her as she went away to college soon after. Then about a month ago, we got a phone call from her saying she was coming home for the summer and were we still doing "that crazy stuff?" and would we be open to having her be one of our girls. We could hardly believe this, as Holly is one of the super cutest girls we have seen on or off cam. We immediately told her we would love to have her anytime. We went to a different hotel, of course, because her dad still owns the one we met her at. Holly was super sexy and really said she wanted to break out of her shyness and would we help her to discover her sexuality. We think we got a really good start because we fucked her in every position and came inside of her to finish and she loved it all.


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