Name: Jacklyn    Age: 18   From: California

I unfortunately was not able to make this little party my friend set up earlier this month. My friend Tony met her on one of the social networking sites and Jaclyn is a "good girl" who is going thru her wild times. She has done videos before and she wants to be famous, so my good friend set this shoot as a content trade shoot with her for a site she is envisioning. And is too bad I was busy that day because I would have loved to cum inside this young fertile slut.

Tony brought her to our pad that has officially become the "bang pad" and there she got her on camera. He got my other friend to come over and they both fucked her for a good while before giving Jaclyn loads of cum inside of her cunt. And I hope she gets that site up and running soon so we can shoot more content for her, or better yet, shoot more cum insider her.


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