Name: Jaelyn Fox    Age: 19   From: Reno, California

I personally met and fucked about a month ago. Basically my good friend called me around 2am, just about the time I was about to get in bed and he invited me to come over to his place to fuck this girl he had just met. And me, being the ultra motivated fucker that I am, got in my car and was there around 3am to meet this new girl. And after a few minutes there, I was fucking her and basically putting a show for my buddy who wanted her to be "used" by his friends. And that is how I met Jaelyn. However, I wasn't around when this video was shot, which was a few weeks after that first time I met her and this time my buddy invited one of the guys to come over to his place to fuck her and creampie her. And here you see Jaelyn being a good submissive slut and taking cock and cum just as she was told to do.. too bad I wasn't there to give her a load too.


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