Name: Kaylee Cox   Age: 22  From: California

Kaylee is a slut we gangbanged and creampied couple of years ago and one of the guys wanted to fuck her again so much he got a hold of her to bring her back for another bang. I wasn't there personally to fuck her and cum in her as I was away and I have to admit I didn't recognize her when they guys sent me the pictures. Back then she was a bit fuller.

But what she is the same slut I remember, if not more. She actually wanted to do the party without any birth control or anything, relying completely on rythym method which is very risky. Which to the guy who set this up, was music to his ears. And they went ahead and did her with the condition that he (the one who doesn't mind) cum in her first. And here she is getting fucked and creampied like a good slut.


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