Name: Kimberly Age: 22   From: Pasadena, CA

Kimberly works as a waitress at a local restaurant, and we would see her every once in a while in going out to eat late dinner. She overhead us talking about the websites one night and got up the courage to ask us what kind of websites we had. She seemed really open-minded so we told her the truth. She wasn't shocked at all but rather was excited and asked a few questions, kind if quick since she was still working. She asked if we would consider shooting a regular girl like her. Our eyes lit up and of course we immediately told her that we would shoot her anytime she was ready. 2 weeks later, she came to do her first on camera sex scene and first ever with 2 guys. We didn't immediately tell her about our creampie fetish but we knew she was on birth control so we took the liberty of cumming inside of her to finish. Kimberly is only 19 years old, and has always been very curious and excited about sex, and always loved teasing boys in high school. She has fantasized about having sex on camera ever since she started to check out porn online and this was a fantasy come true for h


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