Name: Krissy   Age: 20   From: San Diego, California

Kissy Kapri is a girl we met thru her boyfriend. She has been in videos before and she enjoys all the attention modeling brings her, but this time it was a bit different since this was more of a personal thing for Kissy and her boyfriend since one of their favorite fantasies is having men cum inside Kissy. She said she loves the thought and the risk of getting knocked up and so does he, so recently we talked on the phone and she drove up to LA to get together with the guys.

She is a pretty girl and she feels nice and warm inside. And she likes it better when guys can cum inside her several times as opposed to just once or twice. On the video, couple of the guys filled her with lots of cum and when the lights where out, her boyfriend jumped in to fuck her and so did everybody else. She said she wanted to do this again soon, so we'll see.


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