Name: Mary Jay   Age: 22  From: San Diego, California

Marly Jay is a friend of Jaelyn, whom we have creampied and gangbanged a few times. She had been telling her how much fun it is to be with multiple guys and how she got cum inside on a video she did for us on this site. And after not being sure about it for a while, she finally made up her mind and decided to give it a try as long as Jaelyn was going to be there with her to give her moral support. So Marly came over last week to our place to try out the site and to see if she would feel comfortable being on video.

Jaelyn and my friend Andrew went to pick her up at the local coffee shop first and from there they went home and then the guys arrived to meet her. We took some pictures of her there and Jaelyn helped look all pretty before she started to get fucked by all the guys at the place. So after she was fully comfortable, we started to do this video with Marly. She took cock really good and the cool thing is that she is super flexible so it was good to fuck her in positions other girls can't normally do. She got fucked hard and good and after the lights were off, we hung out for a while more and then we kept on fucking her and Jaelyn.


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