Name: Natalia Roque Age: 20  From: Orange County, California

Natalia was searching online for the food version of creampies and as luck would have it, our website was on the first page of her search and she accidentally clicked on the link. She said she was a little shocked at first and hadn't really ever heard the term used for what we do:). She said her girlfriend happened to be walking by when she clicked on it and stopped to ask her what she was looking at. They were a little bit buzzed and so started to investigate more and found some of our other sites too, including the gangbang site. They made a bet to see who would have the guts to contact us first and ask about being on a website, as a joke really. And whoever got an answer first was going to ask to be on creampiesquad. And it was Natalia. Her friend got to do a gangbang since she was second. Natalia has an amazingly hot body and great bubble butt. She loved the idea of having sex with two guys at the same time, said she only tried once before but they were both too wasted to get it up, she was totally into it and even moreso when we told her that in order to do it, she would have to take 2 cumloads inside of her. She agreed and we were very very happy.


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