Name: Natasha Vega Age: 20   From: Valencia, California

Natasha knows one of the girls who we did for the website last year who told Natasha about it after she did it but never put her in touch with us (bad girl). But Natasha really liked the idea of having sex on camera and loved the site so luckily she emailed us directly and asked if we shoot "normal girls". Natasha isn't really normal because she is a very hot girl who really loves sex and loves the idea of being seen having sex and being shown on the internet. This is her very first time having sex on camera for an audience and she is a natural. She is an exotic girl who is part American Indian and really loves natural sex, especially creampies, she says that is the way nature intended for people to have sex. She wouldn't tell us which friend of hers appeared on the website earlier because she didn't want to give her credit for Natasha getting in touch which she did on her own. And we are VERY glad she took the initiative.


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