Name: Ruby Ryder   Age: 22  From: Florida

Ruby is a pretty girl that came to California to model from Florida. She is a hot and slutty girl and she basically she wanted to be on video and have some fun. She saw our site and enjoyed the idea of being with multiple guys cum inside her.

My friends first went to meet her up at the local mall and before they could even get back in the car, they started to do her outdoors a little behind the mall. They started to take turns on her there and they almost came inside her in the backseat of the car. Then they went back to the place we have and everyone started to fuck her there.

The guys took turns on her pink fertile pussy and mouth until each one ended nutting inside her. She wanted to actually stay the night but one of the guy's girlfriend was coming around so we had to postpone. I think we'll end up gangbanging her again soon and give her many more loads inside her.


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