Name: Suzie Age: 21  From: UK

This is the second time we got together with Suzie, who had so much fun at her first gangbang she wanted to do it again. And we would have gotten together with her sooner but the issue was actually finding guys who could drive out to where we had to meet her. So after few weeks of trying to get guys to come with me to do this party, we finally did it couple of weeks ago.

Suzie told me she wanted to be more adventurous this time so she was open to more guys, anal sex, double penetration and more cum on her. So I was really excited to set this up for her since I've always loved horny girls like her (that's how I ended up with a gangbang site in the first place!). And on the night of the GB, I had 5 guys ready for her but unfortunately a couple of the new guys flaked out literally last minute.. I guess they were afraid we were going to gangbang them

Anyway, we had the minimum for a good party and we made sure we gave Suzie lots of cock. In fact, I'd say we fucked more this time that the first time and we also did her in the ass and triple penetrate her. So I think she had a lot of fun this time as well.. yours truly had the pleasure to fuck her ass the most and gave her a big load all over her pretty face as well. So I hope next time, I can get some reliable guys who don't mind doing a little driving to party with a hot horny girl like Suzie.. ironically, the guys that flaked are now asking me to invite them again.


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