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Welcome to my creampie site! for those that already know me, this site is basically one more excuse for me to find slutty girls and fill them up with cum. And for those that don't know who I am, I am Rick the person who runs amateur creampies and westcoast gangbangs, two sites that have been around for about 6 years and have hundreds of girls getting fucked and cummed in. Anyway, I recently started to brainstorm what else I could do to find more women to fuck and I came up with the idea of marrying my creampie stuff with the group sex thing, so creampie squad was conceived. Not only does this site help spread the word, but since there are other guys involved in this project, I figured they would be out there scouting for pussy too in addition to me. So it comes down to increasing the bottom line.. MORE PUSSY!! When you have a group of talented and communicative pervs searching for girls, the results can be amazing. I know it might be more challenging finding girls who will be willing to take in multiple loads, but with perseverance I believe we will be successful in fucking lots and lots of horny creampie girls who need their pussied filled up with lots of cum!! 

About CS

Creampie Squad is first and foremost a site for us to show the world our lifestyle and to encourage it. I've been a swinger now for almost ten years and been doing the website thing for about six years, and one of the best things from having websites has been the fact that it has allowed me and my friends to meet a lot of women from all walks of life. And to me, life is about getting pussy, a lot of pussy.. it is as simple as that. So you might find the site different to most in that all the stuff you see here is shot by ourselves, a "mom and pop" swinger sex website if you will. Not only that, but all the writing, editing, directing, etc. is done by yours truly, and not some staff paid to write made up stories.

It is my hope that our little creampie enterprise will succeed and that someday we will have hundreds of sluts here getting filled up by the creampie squad! and last but not least, if you are a girl or a couple where the girl is interested in a gangbang situation, threesome, or 1 on 1 on camera or off camera, email me at swinger1 at gmail dot com. Also, if you are a woman or a couple who is hosting a gangbang or creampie party (even if not in California) and need help in recruiting guys let me know and I will post the announcement.

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